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''Look, Dad. The wood chip is flying out under your carving knife. Do you know where it is going?''

''No, but I know it will fly higher and higher!''

The name “flyhigh1995” born of one conversation between father and son. Just like the wood chip from the conversation, although we don't know how the future will be, flyhigh1995 are trying its best, and we will do better and better!


Flyhigh1995 are passionate about designing and making unique wood products, but making a brand new product is not easy. We need to try to fail over and over again, learn from the failures, and then constantly improve it, and finally the perfect product is born.

So please believe in our capacity, maybe you are a company looking for a supplier, and there are many questions about the production cycle, cost and quality of the product. Please feel free to ask us. We have a strong factory backing, no matter how large the quantity, we can give the fastest, best quality and most reasonable price.

Or you are looking for unique gifts for your lover, relatives, friends, you're here. All of our products can be personalized, and we are also developing more personalized ways. Maybe you have had some bad experiences about shopping, such as "I have never received my goods", "I have received damaged goods" or "Product design defects", etc. Don't worry, we have the best after-sales service. We will patiently help you solve the problems.


Our items make you the hero.

You get to be that person that always finds the cool items online before anyone else has discovered them.

Flyhigh1995 is a family who love to create handmade wood products. We love personalizing items so each item is a unique and original and something the gift recipient will truly appreciate.

All of our Wood goods are made using premium real wood. Our designs include handmade business card case, personalized desk organizer, wireless charger, cell phone case and so on.

Every item we make is an unique, one of kind masterpiece. The number one difference that sets flyhigh1995 high above their competition is their personalization expertise.

William Kim.jpg

Continuation of Dreams

Hello everyone, I am a 55-year-old sculptor, my name is Leon Kim. 

When I was young, my family hoped me to become a teacher. However, my dream was to be an artist. One day, I saw a carpenter carving wood. The whole process of engraving is like magic, making a piece of cold wood into a lively squirrel. This made me excited, so I ignored the family's opposition and insisted on finding Master to learn the skill of carving. 

                                                                                                    The process of learning was hard. Although the carving knife often cut my hand and did not even have                                                                                                         time to eat, But I still practice more than 12 hours a day. The great leader Chairman Mao said, "Where                                                                                                         there is a will, there is a way." 

                                                                                                     Day after day, year after year, with my persistence, I had successfully mastered the skill of carving, and                                                                                                        it was time to complete my dream. 

                                                                                                     Then unfortunate things happened. Due to the irregular diet, I got a serious stomach disease. Although                                                                                                       the operation was very successful, my body had not allowed me to carve for a few years. When I was                                                                                                             fully recovered, I had become a father. The pressure of life made me have to give up my dreams.

                                                                                                     Nowday, I tell the experience to my son William, who is admired and sorry for my story. 
                                                                                                     "Maybe now you can continue your dreams, Dad." 
                                                                                                      So we set up our studio at the end of 2018.

William Kim

Designer, Photographer


Leon Kim

Maker, Designer, Creator

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